Client Feedback

“I can highly recommend AKE as a very professional, competent and efficient company, willing to listen to the client’s needs and deliver events of the highest quality and within budgets allocated. Alison is an exceptional planner, organiser, perfectionist and leader, and can be relied on completely to deliver a very professional service, using her excellent network of experienced and competent suppliers and service providers for specialised services. ”

“The professional competent and efficient way of conducting themselves, Ms Alison Barnard and her team have made the centenary events these few months, a real “walk in the park” for the BotSoc”
“Her tenacity in wanting outputs of the highest quality, made working with her so closely a real pleasant experience and no task felt to be too difficult, too small or too big to tackle.”
“She is a planner extraordinaire, shows great leadership and her network of competent and experienced suppliers for all events, proved to have been a great asset”
“She is not a person to compromise on delivery as well as her integrity.”

“Logistics were smoothly managed and Alison Barnard and her team were thoroughly professional and prepared. One event was held in an extremely rural part of South Africa with limit access and infrastructure and we were extremely pleased to note how they adapted to this environment and ensured smooth implementation.
In terms of understanding client needs, adapting to changing contexts and delivering a professional service, I am extremely happy to recommend African Kaleidoscope Events.”
DR JENNIFER TANGNEY  {SA -EU strategic partnership}

“Alison and her professional team have organised a number of Cape Action for People and the Environment Partners’ conferences in recent years. The African Kaleidoscope Events team have at all times been professional, punctual and willing to go the extra mile. With AKE, you always know that the job will get done and that changes to the brief will be accommodated – within reason of course.”

“African Kaleidoscope Events has served as event organizer to the first Lifestyle SA Festival in Cape Town in December 2007.
Alison Barnard and her team at African Kaleidoscope Events have proven to be well organized and reliable. Their attention to detail is second to none and their integrity as a company is certainly to be emulated and admired. ”
SHIRU GITHIOMI {MD: Human Element Inc}

“The scope of work during this period included the services arranging from various forms of events namely:

  • Corporate Annual Golf Day
  • Year end functions
  • Launch of company’s Vision 2020 strategy
  • Corporate social Investment events

The about projects were handled efficiently and we are proud to recommend African Kaleidoscope to you”
THABO MABASO {Corporate Communications}

“The Department of the Premier in the Western Cape would grade African Kaleidoscope Events as a reputable company that is honest, trustworthy, prides itself on delivering a quality service and has an impeccable work ethic”
MR HADLEY BLAKE {Department of the Premier}

“Alison and her team are well organized, professional, resourceful, honest and trustworthy. They are always willing to go the extra mile to make any event a success.
They have an impeccable reputation and work ethic and enjoy a special camaraderie amongst the team.
We definitely make use of AKE for further events. ”
{Department of Local Government and Housing}



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